Tired of restrictions imposed by other prop trading firms? Only allowing to trade few minutes before or after news event? Overnight and weekend hold position not allowed? Daily draw down limit? Requires a set stop loss?

Look no further. Axi Select program is the one for you. Trade with peace of mind with Axi Select.

1. Signup up is simple. Just fill your application like normal.

2. Once signed up and application approved. Login using the credentials provided by Axi.

3. Add fund A$1000 (Aud) or equivalent to your home currency.

4. There are 7 ways to deposit your currency as shown above. They accept mastercar/visa, bank transfer, skrill, neteller and so on.

5. While waiting for your fund to arrive in your account, meanwhile click on Axi Select to join the program under the Tools section.

6. Now click on find out more

7. It will take you to this site called Psyquation. They have partnered with Axi. This is where you will show, improve and prove your trading to the world. More on this later

8. Signup using the form.

9. Select as you see fit. I would choose the above.

10. You will be directed to the dashboard. Click on the ‘Connect Trading Account’

11. Now there are 2 options. One is demo and second is live. You select the Live. Click to ‘Connect Existing’

12. Choose your preferred broker from the list. In this case, Select Axi.

13. That’s it. Your Live Axi account is connected. If you have not join yet then here https://bit.ly/2L3AeMP

All you have to do is trade at your best. Get that score up 75, 85 and so on to become a funded trader in Axi Select. Good Luck!