Last Updated on November 4, 2021 by Jason Wilson

A quick comparison between the best prop trading firms to help you choose on your journey to become a funded trader.

Prop Trade FirmFeesFund to tradeEvaluationProfit shareExpert Advisors Trade NewsWeekend PositionLink
FTMO€155 one time10k to 100kYes90%YesNo, Hold onlyNoTrade Now
Topstepfx$125/month200k to 500kYes80%YesNoNoTrade Now
Blufx£99/month25k to 50k No50%NoYesYesTrade Now
Fidelcrest$149 one time10k to 200kYes40% to 90%No Approval neededYesYesTrade Now
The5ers$270 one time24k to 52kYes50%YesYesYesTrade Now
City traders imperium£200 one time20k to 70kNo50%YesYesYesTrade Now


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