If you are looking for funded trading accounts to trade stocks then below will help you with that.

Trade Firm Initial Balance plus fee Features Source
14k bp for $500
80k bp for $3,000
160k bp for $6,000
240k bp for $9,000

Popular amongst stock trader

*20% Off*

bp=buying power

Offer a free trial for their chatroom.

Keep 70%-85% of the profit

14-Day Full Money Back Guarantee!
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75k bp for $249.99/month
150k bp for $399.99/month

bp=buying power

Evaluation pass required

Unlimited resets

Live data feeds

No time limits

Keep 70% of the profit
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25k bp for $299/month
50k bp for $399/month
100k bp for $499/month

bp=buying power

*Meet the profile targets to receive full reimbursement*
Pass the Challenge, receive your funded trading account

Access up to 1 Million dollars of capital

Keep 85% of the profit
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