If you are looking for funded trading accounts to trade stocks then below will help you with that.

Tradenet black Friday huge discount
Trade Firm Initial Balance plus fee Features Source
14k bp for $500
80k bp for $3,000
160k bp for $6,000
240k bp for $9,000

Popular amongst stock trader

*20% Off*

bp=buying power

Can trade almost any stocks except some OTC stocks (at Tradenet discretion)

Offer a free trial for their chatroom.

Keep 70%-85% of the profit

14-Day Full Money Back Guarantee!
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10k balance for €155
25k balance for €250
50k balance for €345
100k balance for €540
200k balance for €1,080

More than 20+ selected stocks.

Includes blue chip stocks such as Apple, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon etc.

Minimum 1 contract

Trading hours (GMT +3)

Monday to Friday 16:30-23:00
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