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Find The Best Prop Firms In 2022

Prop Trading Firms Comparison

Choosing a Proprietary Trading Firm is never easy, whether you are beginner or professional. You want to get the most for your money and also matches your needs. The easiest way to do this is by comparing the table below. This will make you much easier, especially when searching online which overwhelms with so many results! We’ve compiled a quick-easy comparison list of the best remote prop trading firms to help you choose be it forex, stocks or futures. They offer funded trading account from little as $10k to all the way up $1M and even $2M too.

Trade firm Initial balance Features  
200k bp for $125$93/month
300k bp for $165$123/month
500k bp for $275$206/month

bp=buying powe
  • Keep your first $10k in profits and 80% after that!
  • 2 step evaluation, Zero minimum trading days
  • Reset your challenge if you hit DD.
  • Can use EA but no hedging. MT4 only.
  • 1:100 Leverage
25% Off Holiday Savings (no code required).
25k balance for €250€225
50k balance for €345310.50
100k balance for €540
200k balance for 1,080€972
  • Up to 90% profit split (80% default)
  • 2 step evaluation.
  • Free retest (if only balance is positive)
  • Can use EAs, hedging or trade discretionary.
  • News event trading, holding positions overnight and weekends allowed (swing account only)
  • 1:100 Leverage 1:30 (Swing only)
Fast track program – 60% off.
25k balance for €199M
75k balance for €349
150k balance for €549
250k balance for €849
500k balance for €1,449

M=Micro trader
  • 1 step evaluation. 40% profit share from verification phase.
  • Scale up to $1m capital within 12 months
  • Any lot sizes. Keep up to 80-90% of profits
  • News trading allowed. Hold positions overnight and weekends or Swing trade (Aggressive account only)
  • 1:100 Leverage
PROFX25 for ProFX Challenge Purchases. Fee is refunded after becoming funded trader.
My Forex Funds
GOOD start IF YOU ARE ON BUDGET. Scale up to $300k
10k balance for $84E
50k balance for $299E
100k balance for $499
200k balance for $979E

E=Evaluation program
  • Phase 1 profit target 8%
  • Phase 2 profit target 5%
  • Trade news, hold trades over weekends.
  • Unlimited free retakes if didn’t reach target within 30 days, must be in profit with no breaches.
  • Max daily DD of 5%. Overall max 12%
  • Up to 85% profit split.
  • 1:100 Leverage
Refundable registration fee. Check capital growth firm for straight fund, no evaluation below.
25k balance for $200
50k balance for $350
100k balance for $700
250k balance for $1.7k
500k balance for $3.5k

1m balance for $6.5k

  • Pass trading audition at your own pace by reaching 10% profit target.
  • No minimum trading days. No 30 days assessment period.
  • 4% daily loss limit. 5% max trailing drawdown.
  • 75% profit split.
  • Trade news, hold positions overnight. Must be flat on Friday.
  • Stop loss required. Trade your style, EA, Hedging, Algo etc.
  • 1:10 Leverage (Forex), 1:5 Stocks, 1:2 Crypto
5% Off use code 5BEST5OFF

Top prop firms for account growth

Trade firm Starting capital Features    
Best overallDT4X
Account growth up to $1.2M
100k bp for $345
250k bp for $465
500k bp for $645

bp=buying power
  • No challenge
  • No verification
  • No max daily loss
  • News and overnight trading allowed
  • If profit target <5% then roll over to next month
  • 60% profit share
  • 1:10 Leverage (1:50 on request from Level 2)
Use code TRADER25 for 25% off. Get funded account from day one.
Lux Trading Firm
Account growth up to $2.5M
5k balance for £299
10k balance for £399
15k balance for £499
  • Live account at stage 2
  • 4% relative max DD
  • No time limit to reach profit target
  • 65% profit share
  • Own EAs allowed but not 3rd party
  • 1:10 Leverage
Use code LUXBLACKFRIDAY for 15% off. Fee refunded after evaluation pass.
My Forex Funds
Account growth up to $2.05M
324k AF for $99
405k AF for $245
540k AF for $485

1,08m AF for $970
1,35m AF for $2,450

AF=Assured Funding

  • No evaluation.
  • Straight real funds (Accelerated program).
  • No daily DD. Overall 5% of the account.
  • No time limit to reach profit target
  • 50% profit share
  • 1:50 Leverage (Conventional)
  • 1:100 Leverage (Only Emphatic)
Refundable registration fee.
City Traders Imperium
Account growth up to $2M
20k balance for £200
50k balance for £400
70k balance for £550
  • Up to 1 year evaluation time
  • EAs and hedging are allowed
  • News trades, holding overnight/weekends are allowed
  • Stop loss required
  • 50/50 profit split.
  • 1:100 Leverage (max exposure of 1:5, 1:6)
Use code CTIDISCOUNT5% for 5% off.
Account growth up to $1.28M
6k balance for $275
10k balance for $450
20k balance for $875
  • Designed with aggressive growth potential
  • Evaluation on a real live trading account
  • Trade using your tools, indicators and EA with no limits
  • Trade during news events, hold position overnight and over the weekend
  • 50/50 profit split.
  • 1:3 & 1:30 Leverage

What is proprietary trading firm?

When a trader trades stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, their derivatives, or other financial instruments with the firm’s own money, rather than trader’s own money, in order to make a profit for itself (usually profits are splits between the firm and it’s trader)

Prop trading firms no capital contribution?

As a trader you don’t contribute your capital to the firm if you do that, it is known as hedge fund since you are letting some firm to invest your capital on your behalf. It does the opposite, they give you the capital to you to make money for them.

There is a catch. To be able to qualify their no capital contribution, one has to pay a fee and very rarely no fee. The fee depends on the prop firm. Some take fees on monthly basis (subscription) or one-off fee.

Some prop firm will require you to pass the so-called evaluation step. Basically means, they will have set certain profit target, draw down limit etc. where you will have to meet this in order to get through. Once you prove them that you can trade and be profitable then they will let you trade with their capital and reimbursing any fees in the process you incurred before (again depends on the firm t n c’s). But few firms won’t bother you passing the evaluation step, they let you manage their capital once you pay/subscribe monthly.

Choosing the right prop firm is very important to avoid wasting time and money. Based on my extensive experience in this sector and the opinions of other users that I have read, I have been testing and analysing a multitude of proprietary trading firms in depth over the last few years. In the comparison table above you can see the ones I consider to be the most reliable, which have a proven track record and a good reputation. You can also see the main features of each of them and I recommend you to visit their official websites to know all the details about their offers. I hope you find this information useful and that you can find the best prop trading firm for you that will provide you with the capital you need to make real money as a trader.

Prop trading firms in Chicago?

If you are in Chicago then below list might help.

  • http://www.tictrading.com/
  • https://www.oldmissioncapital.com/
  • https://drw.com/
  • http://www.belvederetrading.com/
  • https://www.xrtrading.com/
  • https://www.gelbergroup.com/
  • https://www.dvtrading.co/
  • https://mavericktrading.com/
  • https://www.kershnertrading.com/

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