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Eduardo Montero

Author: Eduardo Montero

Last Updated on February 24, 2023

Dt4x trader prop firm

Dt4x trader is UK based prop firm. It’s office is in 272 Bath Street, Glasgow, Scotland, G2 4JR. They offer direct or instant funding from $10k to $50k. Traders can scale up to $1.24 million.

UPDATE: DT4X stops offering its prop trading services in 2022

Who are Dt4x?

Based in Scotland, UK, they have been running as a prop firm since 2018. They offer 60% of profit split. They offer account growth of 10% reaching $1.24 million.

According to their website, Dt4x is owned by GreatGadgetz Ltd. which is UK company. This can be found out from the company house records.

As above, the company was established in 2018 by Mark Docherty. Since its inception, it has slowly gained popularity over the years. It has managed to attract traders from all over the world.

Aside from direct funding, they also offer education for it’s traders making them a prop firm to reckon with.

Getting instant funding from Dt4x

As above, they offers buying power from $100k to $500k for one time fee only unlike other firms who does monthly. They give 1:10 leverage at first but as soon as you gain your first 10% profit on your account, you can request to increase the leverage up to 1:50.

60% profit share is not bad, with a 5% maximum loss and 5% profit target which is $500 if trading a $10k capital. If 10% profit target is hit, account will be doubled at no cost.

Forex pairs, including gold and silver are allowed to trade. They allow MT4 and MT5 as a trading platform. News and overnight trading are allowed including weekend trading.

What Makes DT4X Different From Other Prop Firms?

Simple. Dt4x offer instant funding. For instance if you look at FTMO, they have 2 stages that needs to be passed before they actually fund you. First stage is challenge and second is verification. Only then they will finally give you funded account. Your days will be wasted but not with firm like Dt4x. You will be given funded account from day one and not have to stress about passing all those so called challenge and verification stages.

However, only caveat is Dt4x will have you on demo account at first and at the same time still paying you 60% of the profit earned. This is great for traders as they will be start taking profits aka making money immediately from the start.

In a nut shell, you no longer need to wait for various profit challenges. Unlike other prop firms out there, you can get funded straight away from day one.

DT4X Scaling Plan – Trade With More Capital

Dt4x’s capital scaling plan is really great. Traders are able to scale their capital by achieving monthly 10% profit target to $1,240,000 of funding. You begin as FM Level 1 (fund manager level 1) when you first join. You progress towards the final stage and manage $1.24 million as a portfolio manager. You will also receive a fixed $5k monthly salary as portfolio manager.

What are Dt4x traders saying on trustpilot?

Getting in touch with Dt4x

Dt4x discount promo code

Traders can use code TRADER25 to get 25% off of any one time payment.

UPDATE: DT4X stops offering its prop trading services in 2022

Eduardo Montero

Author: Eduardo Montero

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