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Last Updated on November 16, 2023

FTUK offers a 5% discount code on any of its funded accounts, either in the evaluation programme (single-phase) or in the Instant Funding programme with no evaluations where you will start trading with a live account right from the start.

What is the discount code for FTUK?

About FTUK:

FTUK (FTUK Group LTD) is a prop trading firm based in London, UK, founded in February 2021. It offers its funded accounts to traders from all over the world and stands out for its programs designed for fast and profitable scaling where you can manage an account of up to $5,760,000 and keep up to 80% of the profits you generate. In addition, their trading rules are simpler than other prop firms (no minimum trading days, you can keep trades open overnight and over the weekend,…).

Thanks to this discount coupon code you can get any FTUK funded account and save 5% of the access fee. At FTUK there are no monthly recurring payments as with other proprietary trading firms, only a one-off payment is required to access the programme and in this case you can get a huge discount with this promo code.

What is the coupon code to access the FTUK discount?

To get the 5% discount the FTUK coupon code is as follows:

How do I apply this FTUK discount code?

Simply follow these 2 easy steps to access the FTUK discount:

STEP 1: Access the promotion

Click here to access the official FTUK website.

Choose the funded account that best suits your preferences. Please note that this discount code is valid for accounts with an evaluation process and also for Instant Funding accounts.

Click on the price of your chosen account and then customise your funded account:

You must select your preferred trading platform (MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5) and whether you wish to add any of the available Addons.

Then click on the “Add to basket” button.

STEP 2: Add the discount coupon

In the part of the shopping cart where the amount of your order appears you have a link with the text: “Have a promo code? Click here.”

How to use FTUK discount coupon code

Click on that link and a text box will appear where you should enter this FTUK Discount Coupon Code:

Then click on the “Apply” button and you will see the coupon code will be added and the corresponding amount will be deducted from the total amount.

Fill in your billing details, choose your payment method, read the terms and conditions of use and complete the checkout process.

FTUK discount code terms and conditions:

This promo code allows you to deduct 5% of the purchase amount from any funded account offered by FTUK Group LTD.

The bonus is applicable to both single-phase Evaluation Program and Instant Funding Program accounts.

This promotion is open-ended but may be discontinued by FTUK prop firm at any time.

If you have any questions about the purchase process or the use of the voucher code, you can contact FTUK via their online chat, among other available channels.

For full terms and conditions of this promotion, please refer to FTUK’s official website: https://ftuk.com/

List of active coupons of FTUK:


5% Off Coupon Code on FTUK

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Eduardo Montero

Author: Eduardo Montero

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