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Eduardo Montero

Author: Eduardo Montero

Last Updated on February 19, 2024

Apex Trader Funding offers a coupon code that can reduce the access fee for any of its evaluation programmes, whether they are Rithmic/NinjaTrader plans or Tradovate/NinjaTrader plans, by up to 90%. The discount code does not change but the discount percentage varies depending on Apex Trader Funding’s current pricing policy and is generally at least 50% off and on certain occasions throughout the year up to 90% off (e.g. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, special holidays,…).

What is the promo code for Apex Trader Funding?

About Apex Trader Funding:

Apex Trader Funding is a prop trading firm based in Austin, Texas (USA) that was founded in 2021. Its CEO is Darrell Martin, who is also the founder of Apex Investing, a website with educational material for traders in which he contributes his knowledge developed over more than 20 years trading in the financial markets. Apex Trader Funding is a prop firm with which you can trade futures on indices, interest rates, currencies, cryptocurrencies, agricultural commodities, energy and metals.

It offers a generous profit split scheme where the trader receives 100% of the first $25,000 of profits and 90% thereafter. Apex Trader Funding’s evaluation programmes are one-step with a 7-day minimum trading period and no daily drawdowns. You must only reach the profit target (over 6% depending on the funded account size you choose) without breaching the Trailing Threshold and trades must be closed daily.

How do I apply the Apex Trader Funding coupon code?

Please, follow these simple steps:

STEP 1: Access the offer

Click here to access the offer in Apex Trader Funding website

By clicking on the link above the coupon code will be added automatically and you will see the discount next to the button to select any of the evaluation programmes.

STEP 2: Create your account

Select the plan that best suits you, either Rithmic or Tradovate and click on the corresponding button to continue the registration process.

Fill in the account opening form.

STEP 3: Check or add the promo code

There is a field with this name: “Enter coupon code” in which you should see the coupon code added automatically after clicking on the link in step 1.

Apex Trader Funding Discount Code TextBox

If the text box is empty, add this coupon code manually:

Continue with the registration process and you will see before payment that the price has been reduced by the percentage discount corresponding to this discount coupon.

Apex Trader Funding discount code terms and conditions

Apex Trader Funding may discontinue this promotional code at any time without notice.

The discount coupon is valid to reduce the price of access to any of Apex Trader Funding’s programs.

The discount can be used with any of the trading platforms provided by Apex Trader Funding such as Rithmic/NinjaTrader or Tradovate/NinjaTrader.

The discount percentage varies throughout the year at the discretion of Apex Trader Funding. Generally the minimum percentage saving using this coupon is 50% (although this is variable at the company’s discretion) and can be as high as 90%.

More information and full terms and conditions of this offer can be found on Apex Trader Funding official website: https://atf.com/

List of active coupons of Apex Trader Funding :

Sorry, no coupons/deals found.

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Eduardo Montero

Author: Eduardo Montero

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