25% Off Coupon Code on Blue Guardian

Eduardo Montero

Author: Eduardo Montero

Last Updated on March 13, 2024

Blue Guardian offers a coupon code with which you can get a 25% discount on the access fee to the evaluation program of any of its funded accounts, whether they are 1-step like the Rapid program or 2-step like the Unlimited or Elite programs. With this promo you can save 25% of the price and the fee you pay will be fully refunded by Blue Guardian once you pass the evaluation.

What is the coupon code of Blue Guardian?

The discount code is as follows:


About Blue Guardian:

Blue Guardian is a prop firm based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, that started its activity in 2021 although its origins date back to 2019 as a Forex signals provider and educational platform. Today it is a funded trading company with traders all over the world and a good reputation.

With Blue Guardian you can access funded accounts from $10K to $200K. It offers 3 evaluation programs (Unlimited and Elite 2-step and Rapid 1-step program). All accounts are unlimited in maximum trading time and have no minimum days to advance to the next phase therefore allowing you to trade at your own pace and pass the evaluation as soon as you meet the profit target without violating the risk rules. You can use any trading strategy without restrictions.

Once you pass the challenge the profit split is 85% for the trader, you can request bi-weekly payouts and participate in the Scaling Program with which you can manage an account with up to $2,000,000. You can get more information on their website: https://www.blueguardian.com/

How do I apply the Blue Guardian coupon code?

Complete these steps:

STEP 1: Access to the offer

Click here to access the offer in Blue Guardian official website.

Click on “Evaluations” in the Top Menu.

STEP 2: Select your account

Choose the programme (Unlimited, Elite or Rapid) and the account configuration that best suits you by selecting balance, trading platform and broker.

Then fill in the billing details requested by Blue Guardian.

STEP 3: Add the discount code

Below the billing details there is a text box indicating “Coupon Code“.

How to apply Blue Guardian discount code?

This is where you enter the following promo code:


Click on the button “Verify“. You will receive a message saying “Valid” and you will see that the 25% discount is applied to the default price of the chosen programme.

Please read and accept Blue Guardian’s terms and conditions and cancellation and refund policy below.

Finally click on the “Confirm & Proceed to payment” button.

Blue Guardian promo code terms and conditions

Blue Guardian may deactivate or modify this offer at any time without notice.

This coupon code is applicable to any of the Blue Guardian evaluation programs.

You can view all the details and conditions of this offer on this prop trading firm’s website: https://www.blueguardian.com/

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