FTMO Promo Codes

Eduardo Montero

Author: Eduardo Montero

Last Updated on February 20, 2023

FTMO is a platform for trading that deals in security that is proprietary. It has been praised by media and traders as being the most effective. It was established in 2015, meaning it’s still relatively young in comparison to other prop firms who have been in the market for more than 10 years. FTMO uses coupons and time-limited deals to promote its services.

Shopping online is a fantastic method to save time and money. This is why we’re constantly updating this page with the most current FTMO promo codes.

The current top FTMO promo code is 10% off sitewide

The discount coupon for this promotion is SAVE10. The code has to be entered when you go to pay at https://ftmo.com

UPDATE: This promotion is no longer available. You can also visit the FTMO website to see their current prices or check our Deals and Discounts section where you can find similar discounts from other companies like these:

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20% Discount Coupon Code on Topstep

Eduardo Montero

Author: Eduardo Montero

Last Updated on May 16, 2023

Topstep, the prop trading firm popularly known as TopstepTrader, is offering a 20% discount on the first month’s access to the evaluation process (called Trading Combine) for any of its funded accounts.

Topstep is today one of the best known companies in the proprietary trading industry and one of the most reputable in its 10+ years of business. Headquartered in Chicago, it has successfully funded thousands of traders from over 160 different countries. Topstep allows trading with a wide range of futures on indices, currencies, crude oil, natural gas, agricultural products, gold, silver,… and stands out for its generous profit split scheme of 100% for the trader on his first $5000 and 90% from that amount. If you want to know in depth the characteristics of this prop firm you can see here our TopstepTrader review.

This discount coupon will allow you to save 20% of your money on the first month of your membership with Topstep. By taking advantage of this promotion, the first month’s prices are as follows:

  • The $50,000 funded account access fee will be $132 instead of $165 so you get a $33 discount.
  • The access fee for the $100,000 funded account will be $260 instead of $325 so you get a $65 discount.
  • The access fee for the $150,000 funded account will be $300 instead of $375 so you get a $75 discount.

What is the coupon code for the Topstep 20% discount?

To get 20% off from Topstep you need to enter the coupon code during the checkout process of any Trading Combine.

Simply follow these 2 easy steps:

STEP 1: Access the promotion

Click here to access the offer page on the official Topstep website.

STEP 2: Complete the registration process

Complete the form with the information requested by Topstep.

You must then verify your phone number and complete the registration process.

You must enter the coupon code at checkout and the price of your first month’s subscription will be reduced by 20%.

The coupon code is:

During the registration process you have a live chat with Topstep’s support team where they can help you with any questions you may have.

TopstepTrader 20% Off Promo Code Details

Topsteptrader coupon code terms and conditions:

This discount code allows you to take 20% off the amount of the first month’s access to any Topstep account.

Once the discount has been applied and the fee for the selected Trading Combine option has been paid, the User will receive the corresponding Access Data at the e-mail address provided.

This promotion is open-ended but may be discontinued by Topstep at any time.

Topstep expressly declares as prohibited conduct in its terms of use the trading on behalf of third parties or the sharing of incentives as part of any business arrangement. The account holder and recipient of the discount coupon must be the one operating the account on their own behalf and not for a third party.

If you have any questions regarding the use of the promo code you can contact Topstep for example via their online chat.

For full terms and conditions please see the Topstep website: https://www.topstep.com/